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Microsoft Courses

SC-400T00-AAdministering Information Protection and Compliance in Microsoft 3653 days€ 2.593,00
DP-300T00-AAdministering Microsoft Azure SQL Solutions4 days€ 2.657,00
DP-300T00-AAdministering Relational Databases on Microsoft Azure4 days€ 2.657,00
DA-100T00-ACAnalyzing Data with Power BI4 days€ 2.723,00
DA-100T00-ACAnalyzing Data with Power BI (retiring – replaced by PL-300T00-A)4 days€ 2.723,00
AZ-010T00-AAzure Administration for AWS SysOps2 days€ 1.683,00
WS-013T00-AAzure Stack HCI3 days€ 2.333,00
MS-600T00-ABuilding applications and solutions with Microsoft 365 core services4 days€ 3.373,00
AZ-600T00-AConfiguring and Operating a Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure Stack Hub4 days€ 2.527,00
AZ-140T00-AConfiguring and Operating Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop4 days€ 2.527,00
DP-203T00-AData Engineering on Microsoft Azure4 days€ 2.787,00
DP-100T01-ADesigning and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure4 days€ 2.333,00
AI-102T00-ADesigning and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Solution4 days€ 3.177,00
AZ-700T00-ADesigning and Implementing Microsoft Azure Networking Solutions3 days€ 2.333,00
AZ-700T00-A-EPDesigning and Implementing Microsoft Azure Networking Solutions – Certification Fast Track3 days€ 2.333,00
AZ-400T00-ADesigning and Implementing Microsoft DevOps solutions4 days€ 3.633,00
AZ-204T00-ADeveloping solutions for Microsoft Azure5 days€ 3.633,00
MB-230T01-ADynamics 365 for customer engagement for Customer Service3 days€ 704,00
MS-040T00-ACManage SharePoint and OneDrive in Microsoft 3653 days€ 2.333,00
MS-700T00-AManaging Microsoft Teams4 days€ 2.657,00
MD-101T00-AManaging Modern Desktops5 days€ 3.503,00
QAASPOEMastering SharePoint Online – Design, Architecture and Best Practice5 days€ 5.125,00
MS-900T01-AMicrosoft 365 Fundamentals1 days€ 903,00
MS-100T00-AMicrosoft 365 Identity and Services5 days€ 3.633,00
MS-203T00-AMicrosoft 365 Messaging5 days€ 3.503,00
MS-101T00-AMicrosoft 365 Mobility and Security5 days€ 3.633,00
MS-500T00-ACMicrosoft 365 Security Administration4 days€ 2.657,00
AZ-104T00-AMicrosoft Azure Administrator4 days€ 2.723,00
AZ-104T00-A-EPMicrosoft Azure Administrator – Certification Fast Track3 days€ 2.723,00
AI-900T00-AMicrosoft Azure AI Fundamentals1 days€ 903,00
AZ-304T00-AMicrosoft Azure Architect Design4 days€ 2.723,00
AZ-303T00-AMicrosoft Azure Architect Technologies5 days€ 3.763,00
DP-900T00-AMicrosoft Azure Data Fundamentals1 days€ 903,00
AZ-900T01-AMicrosoft Azure Fundamentals1 days€ 704,00
AZ-900T00-AMicrosoft Azure Fundamentals1 days€ 1.361,00
AZ-900T00-AMicrosoft Azure Fundamentals (2 Days with labs)2 days€ 1.361,00
AZ-220T00-AMicrosoft Azure IoT Developer4 days€ 2.657,00
AZ-500T00-AMicrosoft Azure Security Technologies4 days€ 2.723,00
AZ-030T00-AMicrosoft Azure technologies for AWS architects4 days€ 2.137,00
MB-230T01-AMicrosoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service4 days€ 704,00
MB-240T00-AMicrosoft Dynamics 365 Field Service4 days€ 2.134,00
MB-310T00-AMicrosoft Dynamics 365 Finance4 days€ 3.174,00
MB-910T00-AMicrosoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (CRM)1 days€ 1.361,00
MB-920T00-AMicrosoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (ERP)1 days€ 1.361,00
MB-910T00-AMicrosoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals Customer Engagement Apps (CRM)2 days€ 1.361,00
MB-910T00-AMicrosoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals Customer Engagement Apps (CRM)2 days€ 1.361,00
MB-920T00-AMicrosoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals Finance and Operations Apps (ERP)2 days€ 1.361,00
MB-220T00-AMicrosoft Dynamics 365 Marketing4 days€ 2.531,00
MB-330T00-AMicrosoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management5 days€ 3.174,00
MB-320T00-AMicrosoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing4 days€ 3.174,00
MB-500T00-AMicrosoft Dynamics 365: Finance and Operations Apps Developer5 days€ 3.174,00
MB-700T00-AMicrosoft Dynamics 365: Finance and Operations Apps Solution Architect4 days€ 3.174,00
MB-300T00-AMicrosoft Finance and Operations Core2 days€ 2.134,00
MS Fundamentals Exam Voucher (PPM-00001)Microsoft Fundamentals Certification Exam Voucher days€ 123,00
PPM-00001Microsoft Fundamentals Certification Exam Voucher days€ 123,00
SC-300T00-AMicrosoft Identity and Access Administrator4 days€ 2.527,00
SC-400T00-AMicrosoft Information Protection Administrator3 days€ 2.593,00
PL-100T00-AMicrosoft Power Platform App Maker4 days€ 2.333,00
PL-400T00-AMicrosoft Power Platform Developer5 days€ 3.503,00
PL-200T00-AMicrosoft Power Platform Functional Consultant4 days€ 3.503,00
PL-900T00-AMicrosoft Power Platform Fundamentals1 days€ 974,00
SC-200T00-AMicrosoft Security Operations Analyst4 days€ 2.527,00
SC-900T00-AMicrosoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals1 days€ 704,00
DP-060T00-AMigrate NoSQL workloads to Azure Cosmos DB1 days€ 903,00
DP-070T00-AMigrate Open Source Data Workloads to Azure1 days€ 903,00
DP-050T00-AMigrate SQL workloads to Azure2 days€ 1.683,00
WS-050T00-ACMigrating Application Workloads to Azure2 days€ 1.683,00
MS-030T00-AOffice 365 Administrator5 days€ 3.503,00
MCP Exam Replay Voucher (A85-04343)Pearson/VUE MCP Exam Replay Voucher days€ 218,00
A85-04343Pearson/VUE MCP Exam Replay Voucher days€ 218,00
MCP Exam Replay & Practice Test (A85-04344)Pearson/VUE MCP Exam Replay Voucher with Practice Test days€ 257,00
MCP Exam Voucher (A85-04151)Pearson/VUE MCP Exam Voucher days€ 157,00
A85-04151Pearson/VUE MCP Exam Voucher days€ 157,00
AZ-120T00-APlanning and Administering Microsoft Azure for SAP Workloads4 days€ 2.657,00
AZ-120T00-APlanning and Deploying SAP on Azure3 days€ 2.657,00
PL-600T00-APower Platform Solution Architect3 days€ 2.917,00
DP-080T00-AQuerying Data with Microsoft Transact-SQL2 days€ 1.683,00
MD-100T00-AWindows Client5 days€ 3.177,00
WS-011T00-AWindows Server 2019 Administration5 days€ 3.177,00
WS-012T00-AWindows Server 2019 Hybrid and Azure IaaS3 days€ 2.333,00