Amazon Wed Services (AWS) Training



Amazon Web Services (AWS) Courses

AWSAAAdvanced Architecting on AWS3 days€ 2.737,00
AWSADOAAdvanced Developing on AWS3 days€ 2.723,00
AWSAArchitecting on AWS3 days€ 2.723,00
AWSA-AArchitecting on AWS – Accelerator5 days€ 4.413,00
AWSBEAWS Business Essentials1 days€ 615,00
AWSAAWAWS Certification Exam Readiness Workshop: AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate1 days€ 253,00
AMWSAPWAWS Certification Exam Readiness Workshop: AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional1 days€ 752,00
AWSSEAWS Security Essentials1 days€ 903,00
AWSEAWS Technical Essentials1 days€ 615,00
AWSBDBig Data on AWS3 days€ 1.847,00
AWSDWData Warehousing on AWS3 days€ 2.723,00
AWSDLDeep Learning on AWS1 days€ 903,00
AWSDDeveloping on AWS3 days€ 2.723,00
AWSDSSDeveloping Serverless Solutions on AWS3 days€ 2.723,00
AWSDEVOPSDevOps Engineering on AWS3 days€ 2.737,00
AWSER-ACDOE-PExam Readiness: AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional1 days€ 1.033,00
AWSER-ACSOA-AExam Readiness: AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate1 days€ 1.033,00
AWSMMigrating to AWS3 days€ 1.744,00
AWSPADDOAPlanning and Designing Databases on AWS3 days€ 2.723,00
AWSPDWASPractical Data Science with Amazon SageMaker1 days€ 903,00
AWSSEOASecurity Engineering on AWS3 days€ 2.737,00
AWSSECSecurity Operations on AWS3 days€ 2.326,00
AWSSYSSystems Operations on AWS3 days€ 2.737,00
AWSTMLPOAThe Machine Learning Pipeline on AWS4 days€ 3.567,00