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NetApp Courses

AOCMCDOTAdministration of OnCommand Unified Manager and Integrated Solutions2 days€ 2.048,00
BNCABasic NetApp Configuration and Administration2 days€ 2.156,00
DCADMClustered Data ONTAP Administration5 days€ 3.235,00
CMESERIESConfiguring and Monitoring NetApp E-Series and EF-Series Storage Systems4 days€ 4.313,00
NFSData ONTAP NFS Administration1 days€ 1.078,00
SANIMPData ONTAP SAN Implementation3 days€ 3.235,00
FPDESIGNDesigning the FlexPod Solution2 days€ 1.996,00
HCI-VMADMINHCI Administration for VMware Administrators2 days€ 2.048,00
FPIMPADMImplementing and Administering the FlexPod Solution3 days€ 2.994,00
ORONSSImplementing Oracle on NetApp Storage Systems3 days€ 5.391,00
INTHCDFIntegrating Hybrid Clouds with NetApp Data Fabric3 days€ 3.072,00
NASPADManaging NAS and Performance on Clustered Data ONTAP5 days€ 5.391,00
OCIBIOnCommand Insight: Business Insights2 days€ 2.052,00
OCIIOOnCommand Insight: Intelligent Operation2 days€ 2.052,00
ONTAP9ADMONTAP 9.6 Cluster Administration3 days€ 3.235,00
CDOTDP9ONTAP 9.6 Cluster Administration and Data Protection5 days€ 5.391,00
DATAPROT9ONTAP 9.6 Data Protection Administration2 days€ 2.156,00
COIWONTAP Cluster Installation Workshop2 days€ 3.072,00
OCSAONTAP Compliance Solution Administration1 days€ 1.026,00
MCCIIWONTAP MetroCluster Installation2 days€ 2.052,00
MCCIPIWONTAP MetroCluster IP Implementation2 days€ 2.048,00
NFSADONTAP NFS Administration1 days€ 1.026,00
PERFCDOTONTAP Performance Analysis2 days€ 3.235,00
CIFSADONTAP SMB Administration1 days€ 1.026,00
CATSPONTAP Troubleshooting4 days€ 4.098,00
PROTSQLProtecting SQL Server2 days€ 2.052,00
PROVMVSPProtecting VMware vSphere1 days€ 1.026,00
SCADMINSnapCenter Administration3 days€ 3.235,00
SGWSADMStorageGRID Administration3 days€ 3.017,00
UNCMMAZUsing NetApp Cloud Manager in Microsoft Azure3 days€ 3.072,00
VVNAVMware vSphere on NetApp5 days€ 4.992,00