TRIRIGA System Administration

Code: ODC8080G-WBT


This course is intended for System Administrators and other users responsible for maintaining the IBM TRIRIGA application.


system analysts; systems administrators; IT help desk; consultants




Upon completion of training students should be able to:

  • Define the difference between System Administration and Application Administration with IBM TRIRIGA
  • Describe the different IBM TRIRIGA System user types, their basic use cases and their impact on the system
  • Detail each tier of the IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform Architecture and its basic use cases
  • Describe the differences between the Application and Process Server and its configurations
  • Properly size a system and describe the different aspects and considerations that can affect performance
  • Define the difference between the On-Premise and SaaS Models

Course Outline

1. IntroductionThis unit describes the different IBM TRIRIGA system user types, their basic use cases and their impact on the system, as well as, the difference between System Administration and Application Administration with an IBM TRIRIGA system. 

2. System Architecture and Application Server ConfigurationThis unit details IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform Architecture, typical system configurations, system sizing, and the difference between On-Premise and Software as a Service (SaaS) Models. 

3. Installs & UpgradesThis unit describes installations and upgrades from a high-level process and the critical areas of importance for installations, upgrades, support, and compatibility. 

4. Database Server Considerations & AdministrationThis unit discusses database administration, the different database server options, and the aspects to consider when administering the different database servers. 

5. Application Server AdministrationThis unit covers the general topics of Application Server Administration and describes the differences between the supported Application Server options. 

6. Web Server AdministrationThis unit discusses general topics of Web Server Administration and Single Sign-On (SSO) concepts, functionality, and supported configurations. 

7. IBM TRIRIGA System AdministrationThis unit covers how to navigate and use the Administrator Console, the differences between the property files, config files, where to find them, and the purpose of Agents and how to configure them. 

8. Tuning IBM TRIRIGAThis unit discusses the areas of importance when tuning the application server, database server, troubleshooting performance problems, and tuning reports and queries. 

9. Troubleshooting and MonitoringThis unitc overs how to troubleshoot the system, tools and utilities used during troubleshooting, how to read error logs, and the importance of system health and monitoring with a focus on System Sustainability.

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