IBM FileNet P8 Platform Administration (V5.5.x) SPVC

Code: F2810G-SPVC


This course teaches you the configuration and administration of an IBM FileNet P8 Platform 5.5.x system. It introduces you to the key concepts of IBM FileNet P8 Platform architecture and organizing the content across the enterprise. You will learn how to build content repositories, configure metadata, create storage areas, manage security, logging, and auditing, run bulk processing, use the sweep framework, extend the functionality with Events and Subscription, migrate and deploy FileNet P8 assets between environments, and configure content-based retrieval searches. 


This course is for administrators and users who are responsible for planning, administrating and configuring an IBM FileNet P8 Platform system.


Familiarity with enterprise content management concepts.


Introduction to IBM FileNet P8 Platform  
• IBM FileNet P8 Platform features 
• IBM FileNet P8 Platform integration options 
• IBM FileNet P8 Platform components 
• IBM FileNet P8 Platform solutions 

Architecture and domain structures 
• IBM FileNet P8 Platform Architecture 
• Explore the core IBM FileNet P8 Platform applications 
• Locate P8 domain structures 
• Use IBM Content Navigator 

Manage logging 
• View and archive system logs  
• Configure trace logging 

Configure auditing  
• Create audit definitions   
• Prune audit entries  

Manage storage areas 
• Create a file storage area 
• Create a storage policy 
• Create an advanced storage area 

Build an object store 
• Create JDBC data sources for an object store 
• Create an object store 
• Add the repository to an IBM Content Navigator desktop 

Create property templates and classes 
• Create a choice list 
• Create property templates 
• Create document and folder classes 

Modify classes and properties 
• Change the property template name 
• Modify a choice list 
• Work with metadata dependencies 

Use events to trigger actions 
• Create a subscription with an event action 
• Update the event action with new code module 

Configure security for IBM FileNet P8 assets 
• Configure initial object store security  
• Use the Security Script wizard 
• Configure default instance security 
• Configure security inheritance 
• Implement designer group access 
• Configure role-based access 

Use bulk operations 
• Use bulk actions to modify security for multiple documents 
• Use bulk operations to cancel checkout of documents 

Configure content-based retrieval searches 
• Register IBM Content Search Services 
• Configure index partitioning 
• Configure content-based indexes 
• Create content-based searches 

Work with sweeps 
• Configure a bulk move content job 
• Create a disposal policy 
• Create a content migration policy 

Move IBM FileNet P8 Platform applications between environments 
• Configure a destination environment 
• Create a source environment 
• Export the FileNet P8 application assets 
• Convert and analyze the FileNet P8 assets 
• Import the application assets 
• Run a change impact analysis in command line 

Introduction to IBM FileNet P8 content services containers 
• IBM FileNet P8 content services containers 
• Benefits of containers 
• Considerations when choosing containers 

Organize content across the enterprise 
• Plan for Multitenancy 
• Isolate content in an IBM FileNet P8 platform system

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